Turnkey record cutting system. The base system comes with everything you need to cut a record. And, there are a number of add-on options which provide additional features to enhance your cuts and your cutting experience. The design has incorporated modern components and materials while maintaining traditional mechanics and look. The utmost attention and consideration have been given to both function as well as ease of use. No prior experience is required to start cutting. No additional gear or hardware is required to start cutting. Following our cutting videos to come, and using our advanced software for iOS/Android/macOS/Windows will enable anyone to start putting their music on vinyl.

Priced comparably with other pro audio gear. Delivers a ton of features for the price. No other cutting system comes so complete, modern, or fully featured. No other cutting system is as versatile. You can convert the stock system to professional quality stereo with our Mantra Cutterhead and pre-amp system. Or, you can use nearly any known cutterhead with the PLS-20. With the addition of our OPCODE ΑΣΠΙΔΑ cutterhead protection system, you can cut as loud as possible without fear of ruining your gear. And, every PLS-20 comes with a custom designed, high torque, Brushless DC platter motor included. You no longer have to hunt for an old platter motor. Or, pay $10K for a Technics SP10 MKII to get good cuts in both lacquer and polycarbonate. You now get that power off the shelf with PLS-20.

Designed and engineered by a long-time owner/operator of a Neumann VMS70. This lathe was made to be a mini Neumann cutting experience. The PLS-20 suspension box on which the cutterhead hangs is literally a miniature version of the Neumann suspension. It has all the same features such as solenoid head pop, manual head pop, solenoid head tilt, counterweight spring with adjustment, 18mm Neumann style mount hole with screw lock, head up/down indication, lateral and vertical adjustments, plastic halfnut, and cutterhead lowering lever.

PLS-20 is perfect for studio owners who want to offer one-off vinyl services to their clients. Now when an artist asks “can you make me just one record with these tracks?” you can answer Hell Yes! Also, small label owners who want to do limited in-house lathe cut releases will love PLS-20. The home studio dj/producer who wants to hear their tracks on vinyl in the big room or just prior to committing to a pressing. Any vinyl audiophiles/enthusiast with a passion for the cutting process. And, gear collectors in general.

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Closed loop feedback speed controlled bldc platter motor, platter, tonearm, overhead, pitch motors, pulley reduction system, interface panel with 22 buttons/rotary encoder/lcd/leds/audio in and out jacks/heat current meter, digitally controlled heating power supply, mini neumann suspension box, spring based dash pot, mdf enclosure with 3mm aluminum plinth and interface panels, discrete power for all subsystems, analog iRIAA eq processing, phono preamp, power amp for the cutterhead, cutterhead drive and phono grain calibration for system alignment, volume and treble/bass control of monitor, relay switched monitor control and cutterhead control, and an OPCODE 1-E Advanced Mono Cutterhead with FluxMAX coils/heating wire terminals/mounting bracket.


- Stereo instead of mono for: audio processing/monitor switching relays/iriaa eq processing/cutterhead switching relays/drive gain trimmers/power amps/phono preamp/phono gain trimmers/relay switching/wiring internal and external

- Mantra Professional Stereo Feedback Cutterhead with mount and leveling block

- OPCODE ΑΣΠΙΔΑ Cutterhead protection system with realtime heat metering and user settable cut-off point. Relay switching. CMOS logic. LED indicators and two momentary buttons. Heat and Current meters with calibration. Use with any mono or stereo cutterhead. Can be purchased as a standalone product without a lathe or cutterhead. If purchased with a lathe you also get a separate meter panel/stand with VU, heat and current meters all in one convenient and detached device.

- MIDI and Bluetooth communications. Bluetooth allows for audio streaming from any device, as well as fully remote control via app running in iOS/Android/macOS/Windows. The iOS and Android apps have the ability to stream audio to the lathe from the device's built in microphone. So, you can do live direct to disc recordings. MIDI allows for sequenced control of all cutting functions via midi notes. You can also control the heating current via a MIDI continuous controller value.

- Calibration Tone Generator

- Diamond Cutting Stylus with Heater Wires


Todd Mariana