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I started this project in 2015 and never finished the code. The High Frequency Limiting feature needs work. Otherwise this is mostly complete. The code was written using the original VST template.

I don't have time to finish this project and won't for at least a couple years. I've had a number of inquiries lately about Dr. Cuts and decided to make the code public. I'm hoping someone will pick up where I left off, finish the work, and share with the community. I've posted the Visual Studio project for Windows as a zip for download. I'll post the XCode project for MacOS as soon as I can locate the files.

DrCuts Visual Studio Code Zip

Version 1 of our Vinyl Mastering VST Effect named Dr. Cuts. We've implemented the following features (mostly):

- Mono Summing with Percent and Frequency settings (a.k.a. Elliptical EQ).
- Audio Inversion
- Channel Swapping
- Inverse RIAA EQ
- High Frequency Limiting with Frequency, Attack, Release, Threashold, Trim and Knee settings
- Left and Right Channel Output Meters

Here are two setup guides. Even if you don't have the exact DAW or are on a different platform, the setup steps are generally the same.

DrCuts setup Ableton 9 on Windows.pdf
DrCuts setup Wavelab Elements 8 on Windows.pdf

And, here are the VST files:

VST for Windows 32 Bit -> DrCuts.zip
VST for Windows 64 Bit -> DrCuts_x64.zip
Win 32 Bit
Win 64 Bit

Mac OSX 32 Bit Universal Binary -> DrCuts.vst.zip
Mac OSX 32/64 Bit Universal Binary -> DrCuts_x64.vst.zip

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