Dr. Cuts Share
We've completed work on Version 1 of our Vinyl Mastering VST Effect named Dr. Cuts. We are making this VST FREELY AVAILABLE. Yup, that's right, free. We've implemented the following features:

- Mono Summing with Percent and Frequency settings (a.k.a. Elliptical EQ).
- Audio Inversion
- Channel Swapping
- Inverse RIAA EQ
- High Frequency Limiting with Frequency, Attack, Release, Threashold, Trim and Knee settings
- Left and Right Channel Output Meters

Here are two setup guides. Even if you don't have the exact DAW or are on a different platform, the setup steps are generally the same.

DrCuts setup Ableton 9 on Windows.pdf
DrCuts setup Wavelab Elements 8 on Windows.pdf

And, here are the VST files:

VST for Windows 32 Bit -> DrCuts.zip
VST for Windows 64 Bit -> DrCuts_x64.zip
Win 32 Bit
Win 64 Bit

Mac OSX 32 Bit Universal Binary -> DrCuts.vst.zip
Mac OSX 32/64 Bit Universal Binary -> DrCuts_x64.vst.zip

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