I offer professional pre-mastering services to assist artists in obtaining the sound and volume level desired in their music. All mastering is billed at a rate of $25 per track.

When cutting to vinyl I perform a direct one to one transfer of your material to disc. No modifications are made beyond what is necessary for a one to one transfer. If you would like us to master your tracks before cutting I will charge our normal mastering rate.

Master Lacquers
I can cut and ship master lacquers to whatever facility you like for plating and pressing. Or, I can handle your pressing on your behalf. If you are interested in a pressing please Click Here for options and pricing.

12" $175 per side + Shipping + Tax
10" $150 per side + Shipping + Tax
7" $125 per side + Shipping + Tax

Mono Cutterhead Repair
I can now repair RCA, Audax and Presto Cutterheads. I've already performed almost 20 client repairs. I can rewire, recoil, clean, calibrate, clone dampers, clone screws and do other cutsom precision machining. Please check out my web site http://www.cutterhead.repair

Groove Graphics
A unique and proprietary technology that enables full grayscale imagery and/or text in high resolution to appear in a band or in any section of a side, up to the entire side itself. You supply the imagery or text, I supply mockups to insure the results are as expected. Once approved, I convert the visual content to audio. I can cut the masters with Groove Graphics, or supply the audio for cutting to any engineer worldwide. For more information on Groove Graphics please Click Here for information and pricing.

Vinyl Pressing
Please use my Online Quote Generator. There are many options that affect pricing. It is very easy to use and allows you to tweak the options to arrive at the price you want.

Or, feel free to send me an email todd@deepgroovesmastering.com.

Tech for Hire
I can integrate on nearly any sort of project. I do custom PIC programming, circuit design, device design and firmware/software development. I can repair, restore and modifier nearly anything. I can assist to augment an existing device or create custom devices for any studio, producer or live performer. Leverage my years experience as a computer programmer and elecronic music producer starting in 1994. I think you'll find my unique combination of expert level engineering and uniquely creative solutions are exactly what you're looking for. No level of complexity is too great as long as you have the budget.

3D Design and Printing
I'm also available for contract to create and design objects in 3D. I can assist in getting your designed 3d printed, or machined in metal.

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