MIDIToLatheControl - $550 Share
Fully fabricated and ready to be inserted into your VMS system (or any other lathe). You can automate three push buttons via MIDI notes sent out from you DAW. I use mine for Echo, Fast and Time automation.

There is also a feature for VMS systems with a Tape Remote Start card. This box will take the impulse from the Tape Remote Start card's relays that are triggered at the end of the lead-in groove and also when Fast or Stop are activated. My box converts one of the impulses into a MIDI Start message (as well as the MIDI messages required to start playback in ProTools). It converts the other impulse into a MIDI Stop message (as well as the MIDI messages required to stop playback in ProTools).

That means that everything can be automated for cutting a side when using a digital source and software. I use ProTools. I add a MIDI track and place MIDI Notes in the correct places to control Echo, Time for track spacers and Fast at the end of the side. Playback is automatically started at the end of the lead-in groove via the impulse from my Tape Remote Start card. Playback is automatically stopped at the end of the side.

This is extremely handy when cutting multiple copies of a dub. Or, when you are timing out a side and adjusting volume and LPI by performing dry runs. You don't have to sit there and hit the buttons. You can let a dry run start and walk away. Come back close to the end of the time for the side and see if it fit. This would also allow a single operator to operate multiple lathes easily at the same time. This box could be installed on other lathes where you would want to automate button pushes.

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