Neumann VMS/AM32B Halfnut - Square $500 Share
Square halfnut for Neumann lathes. Works with early VMS70, VMS60 and AM32b models. It should be noted that most VMS70's use a round halfnut available here.

If you are unsure what type of halfnut to purchase, follow these steps. Remove the carriage arm cover. Position the carriage lever pointing toward you. Look inside the carriage arm at the bottom. The top of your halfnut will be visible. You can easily see if it is a round or a square halfnut.

Our halfnuts are perfect clones made of Nylon. They were meticulously researched and manufactured. Original spares from Kevin Gray http://www.cohearent.com and Al Grundy were used in order to create these clones. All dimensions, including the threads, have been faithfully duplicated.

Perfect for replacing old worn out nuts. Or, you can literally purchase piece of mind by adding a halfnut to your stock of spare parts.

Deep Grooves Mastering highly recommends that your new halfnut be installed by one of the following lathe technicians:

Chris Muth http://www.taloowa.com for installs within the United States.

Flo Kaufmann http://floka.com for oversees installs.

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