VMS Test Cable Set - $250 Share
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Our cables are for troubleshooting, testing and repairing Neumann lathes. With these two cables you can diagnose and resolve issues related to the internal wiring of the lathe cabinet, as well as any of the cards in the lathe cabinet or amp rack.

The cables are wired with oppositely sexed connectors on each end. You insert the cables in series with the original lathe cabling or lathe/amp rack cards. Once inserted in series, you can test for bad wires/connections/solder points/etc. Or, you can troubleshoot various circuits and cards in real-time while in operation.

Each cable contains a circuit board with a properly labeled female pin header. These pin headers provide access to the individual wires contained within the cable. The primary function of these cables is to assist in testing for open/closed connections, faulty or compromised wiring, short circuits, and measurement of voltages in real time via a multimeter.

The 31 pin din style cable serves the same function as an original Neumann Extender Cards. But, unlike the original extender cards, you can operate and test a card up to 6 feet from your lathe. With original extenders, the card you are troubleshooting sits just outside of its rack, which is less convenient/accessible.

The 30 pin tuchel style cable is for troubleshooting, testing and repairing wiring issues in Neumann ZT lathe cabinets. You can tone out all of the wiring between the cabinet racks in back and the PS programmer tuchels in the well in front. You can also measure voltages in real-time on any ZT cable.

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