House Music Producer, DJ, Inventer, Programmer, IT Guru, Vinyl Record Cutter and Mason.

I grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago. I've lived in the city since 2000. I love Chicago and it's many varied peoples and influences. There are few things I value more than family, friendships, music, technology and Freemasonry.

My many pursuits include: house music production, DJ'ing, designing and building custom MIDI hardware, writing source code in any language, creating enterprise level designs, maintaining infrastructures, learning conversational Dutch, enjoying good friendships, and making the most of my life in general. Someday soon I hope to learn cutterhead repair and rebuilding.

I've been writing electronic music in various genres for the past 20 years. I am well versed in all modern and vintage hardware and software and have even written my own music applications. Currently, I design and build custom hardware for my studio and cutting room. Some items are for sale in the Deep Grooves Mastering Store.

I have extensive experinece cutting on, modding and repairing Neumann VMS lathes. I love and always have. I am very passionate about keeping vinyl a viable option for now and in the future.

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